DVR Camera System

This is a 4 to 7 camera system that is 100% magnetic mount system for the marine and crane industry. We build these systems in San Jacinto, CA.

These cameras and connections are 1P69K and the display is 1P68. The cameras and connectors can be power washed. The display can get rained on or wet with no problems. The entire camera system is magnetic mount so there is no need to drill or build brackets. Connection cables are 50' long with 30 minute Install. System has 4 digital camera trigger inputs for example back-up signal or turn Indicator. ALSO A SMOKE ALARM CAN BE INSTALLED TO SIGNAL TO THE CAMERA DISPLAY IF THERE IS A FIRE. The operator would immediately know if there was a fire with a visual and audible indications.dvr-camera-system2

The DVR systems is an advance system that Incorporates Wi-Fl, 4G cellular and GPS Communications. Two 128 GB cards are Inserted into a slot on the front and require key entry. This system has 4 camera inputs. These three inputs are used for the following:

  • View of the Crane operator
  • View of the dashboard controls and gauges
  • View out the front window

The other 4 cameras can be used for anything on the equipment that you choose to monitor such as rear, side, and engine room.

One camera can be set-up with Pan Tilt and Zoom camera option that can be controlled remotely. These P17 cameras can also be used as a security system when fitted with night Vision.

Central Management Systems (CMS) is available so anyone with access to the address of the DVR equipment to view the site operation. Perfect for critical lift scenarios.


Please contact us for your needs. We will tailor your system to work for any equipment you choose to install this equipment on. We can be contacted 24/7.

We will provide support for your field technicians or we can install.

Thanks so much for your time.

Curt Luedtke Field Engineer, Crane Control Systems LLC 562896-5519

Boom Kit Camera Kit Coming soon...

Please check back for more information.